Mosaic Kids Ministry

Welcome to Mosaic Kids

At Mosaic Eastside, we believe Jesus wants to meet our kids as powerfully as He meets adults! Through fun play and exploration, worship, and multi-sensory learning, our kids will learn about God's great story and their place within it, while being cared for by trained leaders who seek to model Jesus's love and truth.

We would love to have your kids join our growing community! For more questions, contact our Kids Director Sophia at

Mosaic Kids FAQ

Things you might what to know or questions you might have about Mosaic Kids Ministry at our Bellevue church!

What will it look like the first time my child attends Mosaic Kids?

When you arrive, your family will be greeted by one of our kids team members! They will give you a form to fill out. This form contains information that is important for us to keep your kids safe. After filling out the form, our kids team member will print off a check in label for your child and show you your child’s classroom! 

How do you keep the kids safe?

When your family checks in, we will print off a label for each child. On this label is unique code, and you will be given a label with a code that matches your child. At pick up, you will present this code, and the kids team member in your child’s classroom will match your codes, to make sure children are being picked up with the correct adult. All of our kids ministry team has completed training, an interview and a background check. Our training includes that kids should never be alone with one adult. When there are kids present, there will always be at least two trained team members. 

What happens if my child has a hard time in the classroom?

If your child is having a hard time or needs assistance, we will text you using the phone number you supplied on the form when check-ing in. 

How are kids placed in their classrooms?

If you prefer for your children to attend the main service with you, they are more then welcome! Come by the check-in table for some activities to keep them engaged in service!